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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 15, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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making news on this tuesday, june 15th. >> on the ground, president obama in the gulf coast, hearing the frustrations firsthand. can he convince the nation tonight that his administration is doing enough? rescue mode. flash floods strand people across oklahoma. and the heavy rain did not let up. and timeout. an earthquake stop s major leaguers in play. yeah. had a little scare out west yesterday morning -- this morning, actually. good morning. i'm todd connor in for jeremy hubbard. >> and i'm vinita nair. bp cut orders before the
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deepwater horizon exploded and sank, causing this. now, 57 days ago. >> the company has promised to suction more oil in the coming weeks. none of it is happening fast enough for gulf residents or the president. john hendren is in washington with a preview of tonight's sfeech. good morning, john. >> good morning, todd. good morning, vinita. president obama is in the second day of a kind of listening tour in the gulf. it seems he is reserving his talking points for a primetime address tonight. president obama begins the day in pensacola, still largely spared from the oil spill for now. >> we smelled it, when we pulled into pensacola. we smelled, as you come up to the bay. >> reporter: saying oil is easiest to clean off the beaches, the president is sounding like the tourism director in chief. >> there's a lot of opportunity for visitors to come down here. a lot of beaches that are not yet affected or will not be affected. >> reporter: tonight, he'll discuss his plans for coping with an unprecedented manmade
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disaster, in an oval office address to the nation. and ease expected to ask bp to set aside a multibillion-dollar fund to aid those affected by the spill. >> we want to make sure there's structure in place that people are adequately dealt with. that's going to be a top topic of mine when i meet with the bp officials. >> reporter: meanwhile, that oil is take its toll. >> what will happen with the oil that comes up on the beach for the next four years? who knows? >> reporter: sandbags protect the marsh lands. >> we're in a fight for our survival. >> reporter: a fight that president obama will outline tonight. the president won't meet with bp until tomorrow, after he's outlined his plans for coping with the spill. and for the first time, tony hayward is expected to face tough questioning on capitol hill. >> can we expect any surprise announcements from the president
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tonight? >> reporter: well, white house officials gave us a little outline of what he's going to say. they say he will detail the beginning of a process to make the gulf a better place than it was before the deepwater horizon spill. and he'll talk about what we need to do to decrease of dependence on fossil fuels. >> thank you, john. you'll see president obama's address from the oval office tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern, 5:00 pacific on this abc station. bp stock fell 10% in trading yesterday, fueling new concerns of bankruptcy. since before the rig exploded, the stock has lost half its value, trading at $60 in april, down to about $30 as of this morning. bp is also coming under fire for not supplying enough equipment to clean up the oil spill. items like plastic gloves to oil-blocking booms are said to be in short supply. louisiana governor, bobby
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jindal, is critical of the company, for not being worth coming about the spill and the dispersants to break it up. normally beaches like the one you see here in pensacola would be packed with vacationers. for now, it's virtually empty. and officials in miami beach are worried that images of tar balls from the northern beaches are going to keep foreign tourists away from south florida. actor kevin costner's solution is finally being taken seriously. costner demonstrated for sam champion his machine that he says he can clean up the oil. now, bp says it has partnered with costner and the company to use 32 of the seasons, kind of like a giant salad spinner. police in pakistan have arrested a california man who claimed to be on a mission to kill osama bin laden. they say gary proctner was picked up in a forest in pakistan, armed with a pistol, a
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dagger and a sword. the construction worker was also carrying night vision equipment. bin laden is believed to be hiding in the border area of pakistan and afghanistan. the military says two heavily-armed people are in custody after trying to enter mcdill air force base outside of tampa. it is home to u.s. central command. a spokeswoman says the man and woman failed to show proper identification. and a search of their car turned up military-style gear, as well as weapons. oklahoma city is getting more rain this morning. it follows downpours that triggered dramatic rescues because of flash flooding. you're looking at the current radar map, that shows more storms rolling through. as t.j. winick reports, oklahoma got pounded just as the work week was getting started. >> reporter: oklahoma city was a mess by rush hour monday morning.
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neighborhoods under several feet of water. this neighbor got in the current and was forced to swim from tree to tree. the firefighters who tried to save her found themselves in need of rescue. >> the river was moving pretty good. >> reporter: another team of firefighters reached them and that young woman. but their ordeal still wasn't over. >> looks like she's fine. she's walking and everything. great ending, man. >> reporter: according to experts, this was a classic flash flood. raining nearly a foot in a few hours, too much for rivers or sewers to take the river away. the tragic impact of another flash flood continued to be felt, as state police found the body of a young girl, the 20th victim killed by a raging river that rose 20 feet friday morning in 4 hours. >> we did recover another victim. the searches continue. in the event that we do have other victims in there, we will continue to search throughout the day. >> reporter: the forecast over
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the next 24 hours, more rain. but not nearly as hard as the deluge that brought this city to a standstill. t.j. winick, abc news, oklahoma city. now, for this morning's weather elsewhere. even more rain for oklahoma city, as severe storms stretch from the texas panhandle to the tennessee and ohio valleys. cooling down with rain across much of the midwest. thunderstorms from new orleans to miami. showers from seattle to the northern rockies. 60-mile-per-hour winds in the sierras and nevada. 77 for the high in boise. 86 in salt lake city. 103 in phoenix. 70s from fargo to detroit. 81 in new york. and 90s from atlanta to miami and dallas. there are no reports of injuries or major damage from a 5.7 magnitude earthquake that shook southern california last nights. >> we're shaking. yes. oh, there it goes. oh, yeah. you betcha. >> the padres/blue jays game at
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petco park was briefly interrupted by the shaking. it was actually an aftershock of the deadly 7.2 magnitude quake that rocked the region on easter sunday. a lot of players on the field said they had no idea what was going on. and they saw the foul poles shaking. >> you can tell on that video, they were really holding on. when we come back, new moves make renting a car less expensive. plus starbucks' giveaway. what you can now get for free at thousands of its locations. and the congressman forced to apologize, after video of him grabbing a college student goes viral. ♪
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it is time, now, for a check of market activity starting overseas. tokyo's nikkei average rose less than 0.1% today. hong kong's hang seng is lower. in london, the ftse opened lower. on wall street, the dow slipped 20 points yesterday. the nasdaq, essentially unchanged. spirit airlines and its pilots union go back to the negotiating table today. they have agreed to meet with mediators as they look to end the strike that started this past saturday. the pilots are demanding pay on par with other low-cost carriers. but spirit says other companies are much bigger. the company says it won't fly until thursday at the earliest. lawmakers are holding a hearing on a bill that could make it cheaper to rent a car.
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it bans state and local officials from adding new taxes on rental cars. minnesota is considering a tax on rentals for a new stadium to replace the metrodome. nearly $8 million has been raised from these taxes. you can reserve apple's next big thing beginning today. the company is taking preorders for the iphone 4. the device was unveiled last week. it features a higher resolution screen. front-facing camera for video chat and a thinner design. at&t and best buy are also taking preorders. but you can't get your hands on it until next thursday. the price is right to logon to the internet at starbucks. free. the company will start offering free unlimited access at all stores next month. starbucks is looking to keep up with rivals like mcdonald's and smaller coffee shops that don't charge for wi-fi access. microsoft has unveiled a new
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gaming system that makes you the controller. connect is a new addition to the xbox 360, that uses facial recognition to make play to a new level. connect goes on sale in time for the holidays. but microsoft didn't say how much it will cost. >> that is cool. >> it is neat-looking. >> no more remotes. >> get one of those. coming up, why ted kennedy lives for decades in fear. now details from his secret fbi file. and from the stage that started it all. an honor for the king of pop. something funny happens when you cross over from land to sea. you become a different person. ♪ are you ready? you taste foods you've never tried. ♪ i want to bang on the drum all day ♪ you swim with animals you've only seen in aquariums. and somewhere out on the high seas,
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blueprint's free and exclusively for chase customers. for a big purchase, there's split. it lets you decide how much... or how many months you want to pay. so you can be comfortable managing all of your large purchases. if having a plan matters, chase what matters. design your plan at 866 blueprint. but there's one that makes your skin look better even after you take it off. 98% of women who tried neutrogena healthy skin makeup thought so. does your makeup do that? neutrogena cosmetics. now, for a look at your morning road conditions. flooding from oklahoma city to st. louis and cleveland, on i-75, 35 and 44. wet on i-10 ashgs long the gulf coast. rain-slicked roads across the
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midwest. windy on i-15 from salt lake city to vegas. and wet on i-5, from portland to seattle. >> and if you're flaying today, expect airport delays in the twin cities, chicago, detroit, and memphis. the fbi has released par of its files on the late senator, ten kennedy. and it gives new details on threats that were made on the democrats' life. and some of the details are chilling. >> reporter: senator ted kennedy had the painful job of laying to rest two of his brothers. both of whom were assassinated. for many years, kennedy was under threat of death himself. newly-released fbi files chronicle, more than 100 death threats. more than 200 pages of fbi files detail threats from the serious to the crazy. from the kkk to radical socialists. >> it said they will shoot me the way they shot bobby. that was constantly in his mind. >> reporter: the early threats
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centered around the 1969 accident at chappaquiddick. this drawing sent to kennedy in 1970 contain the hateful words, you'll never shake mary joe. he will continue to haunt you the rest of your life. you're a marked man. a bullet will kill you. >> chappaquiddick always weighed on him. troubled him every day of his life. >> reporter: other threats were simply bizarre. a postcard to his office in pittsburgh in 1969, urged him to vote for 2 anti-ballistic missile treaty or else. remember what happened to bobby and jack. >> his fears for his family is why he took only one shot of the presidencies. >> reporter: there were wild rumors of an assassination blot organized from jail by sirhan sirhan, bobby kennedy's killer. toward the end of kennedy's life, he had come to peace with the good and the bad, as he died
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a natural death of cancer. vinita? todd? north carolina congressman, bob etheridge is apologizing for a confrontation that was caught on tape. the video shows the seven-term democrat lashing out at two men, as they try to interview him on a washington street. you see etheridge grabs one man by the wrist and neck. swats at the camera and demands to know who they are, behavior he now says cannot be justified. >> i know better. i've been through a lot of tough situations. and this was no excuse for it. i'm sorry. >> the men would only identify themselves as students. the video was later posted by the same conservative web entrepreneur who released the video at the center of the a.c.o.r.n. scandal. former new york governor, eliot spitzer, could be closing in on a new job. "the new york post" reports that
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spitzer is all by a done deal to co-host a talk show on cnn. the paper says cnn's show would pair him with a conservative partner. at the apollo theater last night, a big tribute to the king of pop own a queen of soul. aretha franklin and michael jackson were inducted into the apollo's hall of fame. franklin said she had started at the apollo. on to some sports now. one of the world cup favorites, brazil, began its campaign today in south africa. our highlights from espn news includes some soeshg. but they start with baseball. >> good morning. jonathan coachman with your espn news update. let's start on the diamond. only four games on-tap. the red of hot angels, hosting
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the bruins. three bases jacked. third career grand slam for braun. milwaukee up 5-2. facing joe sanders. torii hunter goes to get it. he's got it. he loses it over the fence. that would be a home run. take a look at it again. hunter, very usually sure-handed. scary moment, top seven. trevor bell to third. watch mcgee, hard into second. and erick aybar, he had to stretch to keep his foot on the bag. and he just gets aybar would be helped out of the game. and next batter, that's a wild pitch. the brewers snap a three-game win streak for the angels. they win 12-2. italy/paraguay.
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group "f" in the world cup. 39th minute, italy, your defending champs, down a goal. 63rd minute. corner kick. and daniel de rossi is there. the game ends in a 1-1 tie. that will do it for now. i'm jonathan coachman. back to you in the studio. >> our thanks to espn. coming up next, the stories we'll be following today, including a developing story. an american arrested for trying to hunt down osama bin laden. and the father of natalee holloway returns to the scene of the crime. thy and clear. an fast forward a few years... ...and now that your problem is wrinkles we still have the solution dermatologists recommend most. neutrogena anti wrinkle moisturizer with pure retinol sa. in just 1 month it's clinically proven to smooth even the deepest wrinkles. so all you neutrogena girls it's time to become neutrogena women.
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4:54 am
questioning a california man who claimed to be on a mission to kill osama bin laden. they say gary faulkner was heavily armed when he was picked up in a remote part of the country of afghanistan. a man and women are behind bars when authorities say they tried to gain access to mcdill air force base. the father of natalee holloway has returned to aruba, more than five years since his daughter's disappearance. today, he discusses new leads with prosecutors. spirit airlines and its pilots resume contract talks. the airline has suspended all flights until thursday. and the celtics and lakers play game six of their nba championship series tonight in los angeles. boston leads the series, 3-2. and will wrap up its second tight until three years with a win. coming up on "gma," our bob woodruff sits down with princes william and harry, as they begin a swing through africa. they explain why this trip is different than any before.
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the protect and serve will be the same, but everything else is going to change. and we have a police officer behind bars and a marine will be mourned today. the latest on the mt. vernon shooting. >> feel it? we are shaking. oh, there it goes. oh yeah, you bet you. >> san diego shook last night and it interrupted the padres park. we have all the details on that just ahead on this tuesday morning. i'm megan pringle. >> and i'm jamie costello. it was scorching out there yesterday. >> it was very hot. >> welcome back justin burke on this tuesday. >> thank you very much and we have ourselves temperatures scorching as you said, up to 90 degrees. a few scattered showers and thunderstorms try to break some of that heat and add some more of that over the next couple of
4:59 am
days. 90 in baltimore, 86 in easten. 83 in york, pa, where they are down to 64 right now. holding 70 in baltimore. the clouds will try to thicken up and showers to our west. there could be some scattered showers and thunderstorms. temperatures noticeably cooler as we go into the 80s. let's see what's happening in the roads. >> thanks, justin. we have a water main break this morning that has all the westbound lanes closed. your best alternative would be old frederick road. as we check our cameras, traffic is pretty quiet no. problems on the inner and outer lanes. going to look good. 95 southbound, 3 minutes from white marsh


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